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new video in ASL and with captions

WRAD banner
click here for WRAD - World Recreation Association of Deaf

Bill Creswell - captioning and computer coding

Disability Rights Advocates
DRA is a non-profit legal center whose mission is to ensure dignity, equality, and opportunity for people with all types of disabilities across the U.S. and worldwide


Arts Meme

FOMDI captioned film finder

captioned film finder

allows anyone to caption online video with free simple tools

MOPIX Rear Window Captions

allows anyone to caption online video with free simple tools

  Firefox Internet Accessibility Tools and Resources

Insight Cinema

Spirit of Baraka
nonverbal films

Caption Action site
Help get HR3101, the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act made law

The Silent Movie Theater
films from the early silent era
Los Angeles

Your Local Cinema UK

The Association
creative film, video and new media solutions

Described and Captioned Media Program

Name That Movie - visual quiz

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